How to Choose Lighting Package Options for Your Event

In the production business, we say, “Lighting is everything.” You probably don’t pay attention to lighting when you walk into a room, but if it’s not there, you’d definitely notice. There is a certain ambiance that you are probably going for, and the lighting will help you achieve it. 

Here’s how to choose which light fixtures you need to create the perfect event.

Decide On the Order of Events

Until you know what is happening at your event, you don’t know what lighting you need. Get together with your committee and decide on your schedule for the day or the evening.  Then you know who is speaking, if there is a social hour, etc.

Nail Down the Mood

How is your event supposed to make the guest feel? If it’s a fundraiser, you want them to feel relaxed and generous. If it’s a party, you want them to feel excited and energetic. Lighting can facilitate any mood you choose, but you have to know what you want.

Remember to Illuminate

There are different kinds of light fixtures. The most important one is the light that allows guests to see the stage. Often event planners forget that if someone is on stage and it’s dark, what they say isn’t very effective. You don’t want the audience squinting.

If you are a public speaker, you recognize that often it is hard to see the audience because of the light shining in your face. While some inexperienced speakers may be uncomfortable with this, it is a very necessary part of getting up on stage to address a crowd.

Don’t forget to include stage floods or frame lighting to illuminate the stage for your event.

Consider Warm Strands of Light

In general, fairy lights aren’t as popular as they used to be. However, they can still achieve a lot, especially when combined with sheer white drapery.

Another option for warm strand lighting is bistro lights or Edison lights. This retro look is popular at restaurants and bars for outdoor seating, but it can achieve the same feel indoors as well.

Don’t Forget Uplighting 

Even if your venue includes downlighting, uplights can complement the existing package. While some production companies charge extra for this, DPM Events includes uplighting with all our packages. Additionally, our uplights are battery operated and wireless, which means no unsightly cords or trip hazards around the room.

Uplighting can be colored based on your aesthetic of choice.

Make Sure You Get Your Production Company’s Input

Before you finalize your list of lighting needs, jump on a call with your production company. DPM Events would love to discuss what mood you’re going for at your event, and how you want the audience to feel. 

We can recommend lighting packages to achieve that mood, including specific fixtures you may not know exist, or may not have thought of.

Get a free quote for your event lighting and creative tech production needs now. We’d love to talk with you further about how we can help make your event a success!

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